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Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India
Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India

Navigation lights and control panels

Starboard, portside, masthead, stern, towing, all round (red, white, green).

Navigation lights for ships as reconditioned, refurnishable and certified by us. With all signaling navigation lights such as starboard, portside, stern, masthead, towing and all round navigation lights we do cover all necessities for a full installation system, including panels to control all lights on board.

  • Navigation lights developed to withstand the most severe sea environment.

  • Type approved and certified by Jinex Marine.

  • On board screen or touch panel to control navigation lights individually.

Navigation Lights, Ship Navigation Light, Boat Navigation Lights, Marine Running Lights, Solar Marine Lights, Barge Navigation Lights & Tugboat Lights.

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