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Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India
Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India


Galvanic In-situ Oxygen Gas Detector Analyzer (Panel Mount) – G1010

– Exceptional high performance dynamic range for oxygen analysis
– Single point calibration
– Broad Range
– Microprocessor-controlled
– Programmable alarms and analogue output
– Hazardous-area models available

The G1010 in-situ oxygen gas detector and analyzer uses a galvanic oxygen cell to measure oxygen over an exceptional dynamic range of 100% to 0.1ppm (parts per million) in a variety of gases. The instruments are microprocessor- controlled and provide exceptional performance and versatility.

A large multi-digit, auto-ranging LCD shows the concentration and user-adjustable parameters.

Two alarm channels, user-programmable to be high, low or off, each provide one set of volt-free changeover contacts, and can be set to any concentration within the span of the instrument.

A user programmable analogue output of 0 to 5v or 4 to 20mA is available at the time of ordering.

Several versions of sensor are available, enabling the analyzer to operate at optimum performance in a diverse range of applications. These include a sensor suitable for operating in the presence of high concentrations of mildly acidic gases such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide.

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