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Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India
Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India
Model :- Focas – 1500 c
Brand :- Fellow Kogyo

Product Description

FOCAS-1500c Bilge Alarm serves to continuously measure the concentration of oil in the bilge and other waste water produced on a ship. FOCAS-1500c meets the requirement of IMO Resolution MEPC60 (33) and has type-approval from JG, and DOT.Features

  • It measures only the oil concentration, free from affection of detergent and suspended solid matter in the water.
  • The production of air bubbles is inhibited to permit stabilized measurement.
  • dual alarm system.   An oil content alarm is given when the oil concentration exceeds 15ppm and a set alarm is given in the event of input (sample water) or instrument failure.
  • “CHECK” button giving simple operation test.
  • Installation and connection are carried out with ease because it is samll and right.

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